3rd Jamboree Training Camp

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:00 by Dave Tomlin

A while ago we went to Blackwell Court and as it was a while ago everything seems to have been a bit of a blur so this shall be a very short report.

The camp was designed so that we would be running in a similar routine to how we will be on the jamboree, for example we had to give tickets in to each activity before we were allowed to take part. Our campsite was also pitched in an area the same size as the pitch we will be given at the jamboree so that we could get used to living in a tight area.

The whole weekend was extremely cold and I for one had underestimated this and packed light. It was so cold that in the second night, three of us were squashed into my one/two man tent, cosy. A lot of our spare time was spent shivering around fires in oil drums and cooking was less of a chore than normal. Even so, the cold weather did not dampen our spirits and there was very little complaining.

We were put in to the patrols we would be in for the Jamboree and we set about constructing the camp gateway which was managed with great success on Friday night. The following two days we spent doing a mix of activities which were: archery, crate stacking, climbing and grass sledging. Personally I thought the crate stacking was the best though it was incredibly nerve racking when I was doing it. I don't think I have ever stood on anything wobbled quite so much before. The best anyone in our patrol managed to achieve was sixteen and a half crates high which is pretty high. The grass sledging was great fun as well although after a few goes, the enthusiasm wore off a bit due to the large walk back up the hill.

We didn't just do these activities though. One of the most important things we did was sort out our performance we will be doing in front of the rest of our sub camp. Ours was based on stomp and we used bits of routines from kegs and wags and altogether it looks really good and sounds very loud. We also had a talk about how we would describe where we are from to foreign scouts and stuff like that. At the end of the second night, we had a campfire which was as good as ever.

All that was left after this was to pack everything away and go home thoroughly exhausted.