2nd jamboree training camp

posted 6 Oct 2016, 08:00 by Dave Tomlin

The weekend started when we all arrived at Offchurch Village Hall armed with spades, loppers and the odd pickaxe as well as all the usual kit. We had a quick talk about our patrols and what we would be doing and then we were sent outside to play a game involving covering each other in sticky spots to represent diseases. We came back inside all spotty and then patrol one set about cooking some hot-dogs which we promptly ate and this time had two each!

After quite a bit of talking, playing cards and moving kit around, we were ready to go to bed. The girls were sectioned off at one end of the hall and it was very cosy, the boys had loads of room which was unfair. Eventually the room became quiet and soon people started dropping off to sleep.... until Chris started snoring.

The morning came all to soon and my patrol dragged ourselves out of our sleeping bags and set about cooking the breakfast. We did quite well if i say so myself and it is the only time I have cooked baked beans and scrambled eggs for that many people without having a thick layer burnt on the bottom of the pan.

The activities soon started when we got into patrols. We did a load of challenges that were quite difficult and then went outside and did a challenge where one person was the shepherd and had to guide the rest of their patrol to the swings only using an animal sound they'd been given. It was quite difficult and our patrol did the worst at it but we did have a good time.

We then played a few games, ultimate frisbee, sailmakers grip and sitting on each other in a circle which took a few attempts before we finally completed it. After some lunch we started on the community project that was the main aim of the weekend. There were four things that needed doing: 1. a hedge needed clearing 2. some ground cleared, levelled and an arch built 3. small field needed clearing of the weeds and shrub 4. a fence built along one side of the field. My patrol started off doing the ground levelling which was definitely hard work. There were a load of roots and a metal rod that needed removing so that we could dig a trench either side of the arch for flowers. After hacking, digging and sawing at that base for about two hours, our patrol moved to the hedge clearing site.

Soon it got dark but we weren't finished. We all tried to do as much as we could but soon we had to abandon the work and go inside where patrol 3 got started with the cooking and the rest of us played cards or played guitars. After food we got into our patrols and started thinking about English food and stuff to put in our box. At the jamboree each contingent is given a one metre by one metre by one metre box where we can put what we want to. We will also be cooking an English food for the rest of sub camp to try as well as putting on a small stage event for the rest of the sub camp. Suggestions included such great ideas as Leamington spa water for the food and a slide for the box. Even so, somehow a paddling pool will be transported to the jamboree in our contingent box. WE then played a game that involved creeping up the hall in the dark and hiding behind various obstacles whilst avoiding the flashlight. After a long and tiring day we all went to bed.

The last morning started a bit later but everyone was still knackered and it was still a huge effort to get up (for most people). Patrol four reluctantly started cooking breakfast and soon smoke was drifting into the hall from the kitchen. The breakfast was actually very good . As we hadn't quite finished the project, it was decided that we would do it this morning. Jo-ann, Me, Polly, Laura and James finishing clearing the hedgerow which was nice and gentle work (ish). All was going well until a man and a big camera turned up and me and Laura were volunteered to speak in a short video that was being made. The man then left to go to the other group where others spoke and were filmed doing the community work, including some very funny synchronised digging.

Soon all the work was finished and we had lunch. All that was left to do was to clear up, pack and clean the place. We all got into uniform and went outside where we walked over to the archway and looked at what we had achieved.

Just want to say thanks to all the Warwickshire bears leaders for another amazing weekend. I can't wait for the next one.