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We came 3rd in total votes received, but this just counts for 50% of final total. A panel will now assess all applications and allocate a score for the remaining 50% based on the quality of the application and project needing funding. 

A winner will then be announced.

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Who are we?

2nd Warwick is a large Sea Scout Group based in St Nicholas Park, Warwick. The group offers membership to the full range of 6-25 years old, in all the sections of Scouting.

What do we get up to?

We have a full program with the boys and girls enjoying all the activity’s that normal scouts do but with the addition of Sailing, Rowing, Kayaking, Canoeing and Power boating. The Scout Troops and the Explorer unit do the most boating but the other sections get taster sessions during the summer term.

We are an RN recognised group, Number 14 which means we are inspected every 18 months to ensure we meet the requirements set down by the Royal Navy. It has many benefits find out more.

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Here's a video of what we get up to

Some photos showing some of our activities